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Not all betting possibilities visible ?


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I have a question regarding the meaning of the numbers in front of the text in the headers of the different betting possibilities.

 I thought it was the number of bets available in each category.

Like here we have 5 available bets in this category:



But for some categories the number does not match the actual number of available bets.

Can't screen the full category but the number says 15 and I count only 7 bets:



So did some bets disappeared or are these numbers meaning something totally different ?



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I believe each line count one at the over/under section. So if there are 5 alternative lines, it will count 5, and if you add together, it should be the same amount what you see at the categories. Huh, its a little late, but i hope you understand what i am trying to write :atisfied:


* i double checked on my language. So it says match category. 8 options.


- winner of the match 1 option

- most game won (three way) 1 option

- games  2 alternative lines options

- handicaps  4 alternative options

So under the match category there are four type of bets, but altogether (if you add up the bold ones) there are 8 options. 


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