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Please create a Bullet €1 qualifier ticket to the €4 Bullet 4


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[20:02:13] Agent: Hi there
[20:02:13] Me: Hi ......! Could you exchange my €4 Bullet MTT ticket to 4*€1 Bullet qualifier tickets please?
[20:02:30] Agent: Ok sure 
[20:02:39] Agent: As part of our security check, please provide your username, email address, postcode and date of birth?
[20:03:59] Me:.........
Sorry for the redircetion request but you are the only one who can use the instant ticket exchange superpower.:-)
[20:05:27] Agent: No problem, just trying to find these bullet tickets
[20:06:34] Agent: I can't seem to find any bullet tickets x €1 ?
[20:06:40] Agent: Are you sure they exist?
[20:07:07] Me: Wait a mimute please
[20:09:18] Me: Bullet 4 qualifier ID5946853 starts in 22 minutes. But if it's possible it would be great if you could exchange it to 4*€1 Banzai cash game tickets. I only wanted to exchange it to €1 MTT tickets because I thought they are not exchangeable outside the qualifier system.
[20:13:27] Agent: Ok but we are not able to exchange satellite / qualifier tickets for other types of tickets, we can only exchange them for different values of the same type of satellite or tournament
[20:14:54] Me: Great, then back to my original request and please exchange it to bullet 1 tickets.
[20:15:55] Me: if they exicts:-)
[20:18:26] Agent: Ok but there isn't any €1 tickets
[20:18:32] Agent: I checked them all now
[20:19:21] Agent: Doesn't seem that poker team created any for this
[20:20:18] Me: Ok, np, all I can do to thank you for the assistance and please you to send the transcript of that conversation to my email.
[20:20:44] Agent: Yes of course no problem
[20:21:02] Me: Great, good bye.....
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 Never seen a satellite tournament without a ticket before :wonder: I can only find €4, €10 and €25 Bullet tickets.

Will have a look at it with Kris tomorrow :) Thanks for reporting

Former community moderator
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