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Can't verify Unibet from winning account, I have tried all. No effort from Unibet to help at all.


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Good evening,

I will keep it English as I see most posts here are in English.

I am totally done with Unibet.

They asked me to verify my address which is normal ofcourse.

I provided them a personsbevis, which has been declined. No idea why, but hey, can happen.

Then I went to customer live chat support and asked what document Unibet requires so I can provide that (I don't have many bills as I live with a friend and he pays the bills). The customer support checked with verification team and Unibet requires a stamped personsbevis by the Swedish authorities. No problem for me, I have provided this also and ofcourse it got declined without further information.

Then I went live chat again to ask what else I can provide to verify my account. They said a bank statement would do. I provided, Unibet declined.

Then I want live chat again to ask what now they need, and they said a stamped bank overview with address, account number etc would do. I provided, and Unibet declined.

If I do not get my account verified or some supervisor that will look at this I will write every newspaper in Sweden my story, you leave me no choice.





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Welcome to the community, @Hobbapo. Thanks for sharing your story.

Had a chat with my colleague from the security team to make sure what we need in order to complete the verification. She explained that the problem with the documents you've sent in so far is the fact that they weren't sent to your home address. From skatteverket you can either download the personbevis and print it or ask them to send it to your home address.

I apologize for the email you received where this wasn't mentioned. We have requested this type of proof of address a couple of times already, but the email you got from us 11 days ago didn't say say anything about this.

Former community moderator
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Thank you for your reply.

The issue is that the stamped personsbevis from skatteverket has been sent to my home address. If you look at the document closely you will see my address in the right top (for post office to see where to deliver the letter) and again in the middle of the document.

I can re-send some docs if you need. Please ask them to re-check the stamped version of the personsbevis. I have done exactly what you mentioned in your previous message already so I expect my account to be verified soon and that it was just a mistake from verification department.


Awaiting your reply.


Thank you.

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@Hobbapo, I'm happy to confirm that we've approved the document and the money is on it's way to your account :)

I'm very sorry for the inconvenience. As you mentioned, it was a mistake from our verification department. One of my colleagues checked the document sent to your home address when it was uploaded a while ago. I'm not sure what went wrong but apparently he didn't approve it as a proof of address sent to your home address. After getting a second opinion from two other colleagues we have now approved the document and withdrawal. I've sent the case to the team leader for further evaluation. Thanks for letting us know about the issue!

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hello how are u before i created my account i asked the live chat what documents u need to proof my addres 
I told her i live in lebanon so she told me what i need including bank statement as proof of address .
I submitted my passport ( verified ) and my bank statement.
After 1 day i recieved a message that it was not accepted i asked why they said it dosent meet they criteria .
After many questions iv been told that there was no date on the statement , so i explained that the range date that the bank put it shows that the statement is not older then 3 month . 
I paid to get that official statement and now they say its not verify .
I dont have utility bill in my name and we dont have councils like u have and we cant get a letter from governement for such a thing .
So tell me what will happen because that all what i can get as proof of address 

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