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Euro 18/6 (BEL-IRE, ICE-HUN, POR-AUS) daily refund discussion


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This day seems a very hard one to predict imo. Playing the favorites = 9.54...

BEL-IRE: Belgium were (made) awful against Italy (who themselves were quite lucky vs Sweden imo). Ireland looked okay, but was that due to themselves or the abysmal performance by Sweden? Ireland playing a good, but probably heavily rotated Italy in the last match and won't think it's impossible... but should go all out not to lose. 2-1?

ICE-HUN: Great, but somewhat fortunate performance by Iceland. Although they've done the same throughout the qualifiers. Hungary caused the biggest upset in the Euros so far (I guess N. Ireland might want a second opinion) and looked quite capable. Both sides will have pegged this as their winnable fixture. Perhaps Hungary will be (very) happy with a draw as it sees them into the knockouts? 1-0?

POR-AUS: Clash of the 'titans'. Personally I think Portugal are quite awful (and cashed in nicely on Iceland) but they have quality nonetheless. Austria were awful, but against an inspired Hungary. A loss would be awful for both, more awful than a draw? Both Por and Aus will fancy their chances against Hun and Ice respectively. 1-1?


If I was a sportsbetting pro: Look elsewhere.

If I was a gambler: at least 10* your money with a possible refund can't be a bad deal.




I think the results are conclusive, BEL-DRAW-DRAW it is. 

P.S. No one remembers a chicken ;)

P.S. 2: Wouldn't it be fantastic if Sweden qualifies in second place with 2 points?

P.S. 3:  and the rest of the team: The ability to cash in on non-single betting slips right about now would be greatly appreciated.


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