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Stuck with my roll at Unibet due to sudden "verification"


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Here is my post on 2p2 explaining the situation.

Basically, I got attracted to Unibet poker - the software, the promos, the concept, the passion...

After a couple of days of checking it out with an initial deposit, everything seemed great. So I went ahead and moved the rest of my roll from Pokerstars over to Unibet. Prior to doing so I checked the "Verify My Account" section on the website to make sure no documents are requested from me at the current time. It said that all is good! Enjoy our site!

So yesterday morning (Saturday) I open the client to login, looking forward to a great weekend of playing, only to find out that my login has been blocked! I contact live chat and they tell me that I need to send in verification documents! The website still did not show anything and I hadn't received any mail requesting my documents. Only after I contacted another live chat rep did they sort out the "bug" and now the website says that my account requires verification.

I've submitted the documents yesterday but here's the deal... people are saying that this process is painfully slow and can even take a couple of weeks. I think that this is really unfair to me that I'm basically denied from playing online poker all this time because I PUT FAITH in Unibet and immediately moved my whole roll over. Sadly they didn't show me the same faith and good will, and screwed me after accepting all my money. They should have either: a) Let me know BEFORE I deposit that I won't be able to play immediately before verification, or b) Let me know that I should prepare the documents but keep me playing in the mean time (especially as I have no plans to withdraw for a good few months at least). 

My username is TboneMok. What I'm asking for is to keep me playing while you verify my documents. As you can see from 2p2 I'm a long-time member of the biggest online poker community, and I've been playing online on all the major sites since 2009 and this is the first time I feel betrayed and screwed over like this. This can't be right, so please make it right.

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What country are you from? This can cause extra necessary verification. Maybe the deposit of a huge BR (if it was huge... I don't know)  was what made unibet somehow question your intentions. It's not unusual that persons with malicious intentions try to launder dirty money trough poker sites. 

Unibet is one of the only sites which makes sure all of their money on it is as clean as possible. I think one of the safest sites to play

For what my experience was, I was verified in less than one working day. (sad for you that this happens in the weekend) so keep your hopes up. After this "trouble" you'll have the time of your life here :) 

I see now that the circumstances of ones birth are irrelevant... It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.
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Welcome to the community, @TboneMok :) Thanks for sharing your story in here.

First of all I'd like to apologize for the misleading information you saw under "Verify My Account" - it's obviously not convenient when we communicate different things, especially not when it comes to security checks.

As much as I want to help you now, I can't just ask them to have a look at your account right away, since the documents were sent in yesterday evening and it usually takes 2-3 business days to solve a case like this - if I escalated the case now, anyone could basically write a complaint to speed up the verification process even it hasn't passed the communicated deadline.

I can't guarantee to have the documents approved tomorrow, but I'll do my best to at least get an update from the security team. Unfortunately I can't unblock poker during the security check :(

You might've heard a couple of stories where it took several weeks to complete the verification, but I'd be surprised if that would happen to you :) People tend to only share the bad stories about a long verification process - not the ones that are handled quickly, which I totally understand, but you might get a wrong idea of how it works in general if you only hear about the bad examples. In most cases it only takes a few days.

Hopefully we'll get through this as smooth as possible - I'll let you know as soon as I have more information.

Former community moderator
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Thanks guys.

Marco, since I know that my country (Morocco) is kind of notorious for fraudsters/launderers and that sites tend to be extra wary of people from these countries, I think it would definitely speed up the process if you could point the security team towards my 2p2 profile just to show that I'm not just some complete random unknown dude from Morocco. I've been in good standing with everyone and all the sites since 2009 depositing, withdrawing, sending/receiving money with other members of the community etc.. 

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Glad to hear that your documents got approved :)

As Marco mentions, the verification isn't as slow as you might think, when reading about certain cases here, on 2+2 or Trustpilot :) Most of these "verification" cases actually have nothing to do with verification of the account. It's usually because a third party used the account, bonuses were abused etc., and these cases always take a lot longer than just a standard verification of the account.

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