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25nl Challenge - make 10 stacks profit


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I've decided to start a little challenge, my vegas challenge is on a stand-still right now, as the last ticket lost so I may re-load at some point in the future and have another go. For now I decided to stick to a format I am relatively already OK at which is cash. 

For betting/poker I have £150 spare this month. My choices were: -

  • Go to casino with £150
  • Sports bet £150
  • Play poker with £150

Casino is fun but with £150 is just pure entertainment, smallest buy-ins live maybe i'll have 1 - 1.5 by time i travelled there and back, so can hardly expect to profit, and I want to try to profit here so decided against that. 

Sports betting is fun, but I really have no clue about sports betting, I just have fun watching some in play games, and deluding myself into thinking i'm a genius when I pick a winner now and again!

Poker I at least have an idea what I am doing, especially at Micro cash. My biggest hurdles, are mental game playing online poker, so that'll be a key part of the challenge. 

I took the cunning step of downloading and saving some of @Hymn2Ninkasi 's 400nl grind videos from his original challenge back when he started his first challenge, and still have a few hours on my drive so I'm going to watch them and try to improve from them a little as I play. 

I need to set some meaninful goals, so my first goal is to make €250 profit at 25nl. 

Starting Bankroll: 192.00


 I'm going to try to share any technical things  / mental things, I learn / discover also during the challenge :) 

Will also post the odd video with some interesting hands, now and again :Thumbsup:

@MarcoV urgh, i posted this in wrong section sorry - can you move to blogs, thanks

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Really nice hand – overbets are underrated and rarely seen on NL25/NL50. Are you playing value poker only on these stakes or would you bluff overbetting with hands like AJ of hearts as well in order to have a balanced range?


In my mind, if I decided to overbet the turn with a hand like said AJhh, I tend to check on really blanky rivers like this one because people don’t like folding on these rivers. That’s super unbalanced but I think it would be actually bad to follow through on that with bluffs.

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Really enjoying the commentary. Congrats on completing the challenge.

How tempted are you to place some bets? 😃

I debate
Should I smile like everything's good and pretend that life is great
Or should I let the world see the real me and not hide this pain
I tried to be like the rest of y'all, sorry I just can't
I'ma probably die this way
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@Stubbe-Unibet wrote:

Really like the video content :)

Me too. :)

I would have played the 22 hand the same exact way – you are only beat if your opponent happens to have 99 or 44 (44 are not even part of everyone’s 3-betting range which makes our hand even more nutted). You are beating JJ-AA and your opponent can easily follow through bluffing with a turned flushdraw or even just AK of hearts or clubs to balance out his 24 overpair combos. So you are ahead a vast majority of the time and just got incredibly unlucky.

In general if you beat at least some value combos and you get decent pot odds you just cannot fold.

I think I saw you at one of my tables yesterday btw. Didn’t know it was you tho @SkilfulPoker in disguise. 😏

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Hey all, things going very well, it's 8pm here and I'm too tired to play now, but fancy some entertainment, 

so have decided to place a sports bet, not sure what yet likely tennis. Progress has gone very well with poker so far, so I think I can afford the luxury of a sports bet :happy:ub.png.e6c406b472f24af8a17c581f1e2c506d.png


 Bankroll currently: £725 / 825



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So before I withdrew my money yesterday just after I made the video, I decided to see if the Unibet Roullete woman wanted to pay for drinks when I next go out. 

The plan: just play a couple of spins, and see if I will win some money for a few drinks when next out :happy:

casino.png.bfd0bf752fa479f67e7462ca76059ba6.pngThe roullete dealer (what do you call people that spin roullete wheels?!) was kind enough to oblige!

Spent: 50 + 10 + 25 + 100 + 75 = £260 
Won: 150 + 200 + 100 = £450 

minus £12 I deposited to play some poker today 🆒

Free drinks tab = £178 :rockon:


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Weekend was very cool, lost at live poker but was drinking so to be expected!

It was a great weekend though and am actually extending it right now, i decide to make it a 3 day weekend :D

this is a decent feel good song: 

listening to it at the moment. 

Challenge wise, I have decided i will start again soon, with a £20 deposit and try to make a thread to teach people how to grind a package or generally profit at poker. Loving the hot weather here in the UK, we are having nights like mediteranian at the moment! 10.22am and very warm here, it's nice!

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