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Be able to hide certain markets via tick boxes or collapsae controls when sports betting

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Here is an idea I just had.

There are some sporting markets I am just never interested in, and ... I know I'm in the minority here... but football is one of them :P Euro Soccer.

I like NFL ... but that's another story lol.

Anyway... as you can see when I go to place a bet, I have to scroll through these markets:



I think it would be great if you could tick boxes to hide what you wanted to show.

Or even better, and what I've seen on some other sites, if there were little collapsable arrows next to each market type (e.g. Football in the picture) and you clicked the arrow and it collapsed or uncollapsed all offerings within those markets, then via a cookie, the site remembered which ones you had collapsed etc.

Then when you next go to check the bets you go straight to the ones you want to look at, and if you want to check a collapsed market you simply uncollapse it.

This saves needless scrolling every time you want to recheck the in play or starting soon pages for instance, and the market you are interested is at the bottom of the page.




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