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I used to have the name sG in the client but when i removed it for a couple of days to use another name some mutha❤️♥️❤️a snatched the name, so now i use sG1 and i havent seen the screenname sG play once for months.

Is there any chance to get the name back if the user that has the name has been inactive for long?

Obviously not a big deal just wanted to ask if this was possible.

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Just keep trying.

Unconfirmed, but I think I remember someone saying that once you remove your alias, it becomes available in a couple of months. So, if the guy removed it, keep trying and one of the days will be your lucky, sG. Funny, sg are also my real name innitials but unfortunatelly I don't have your alias.  


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Not possible unfortunately unless the person changes their Alias.
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