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Rebuy offering Tickets and cash when you have no tickets (2.6.0)


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Unibet has been a gift that keeps on giving to me, and to many other players. 

But what the hell? 

I was playing 22e Billion sattelite, bust and get an option to choose a rebuy : Ticket or cash. I'm confused but I was playing these satts for 2 weeks, I thought maybe I missed another ticket. I thought I'll try to rebuy with a ticket. Surely, I didn't have a ticket that I'd missed and without asking twice the client just straight up took cash. Which was 1/2 my bankroll at this point. 

Am I in the wrong here? 



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Thats strange. I had a similar situation, was asked for rebuy via ticket / cash, pressed ticket, didn´t have a ticket and I was out of the tournament despite the fact that I would have used cash if they gave me the possibility. Really sub-par to give the player the impression there is a ticket left that he can use.


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@testuser1 Hello,

This issue is still present:

tournmanet: €6 URPS Bucharest

When rebuy was offered ticket option was present and I clicked it.

It worked to rebuy but it took money from my account.

Previously in the day I played a freeroll and I won/have a 1.5 €ticket for the URPS


A refund is not necessary as I expected this and I deposited the amount for rebuy because I knew I had no ticket and I was expecting a rebuy. It's just a bug report

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