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New Member of Unibet coming to Twitch soon


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Hi all hope you are running well.

We have a new member to the Unibet Ambassadors, who got signed up at Glasgow. Would like to say many congratulations to Dbergie.

Dbergie is a regular on Ian Simpsons, Davitsche and David Lappins twitch stream and is a popular member of our chat group. Dbergie will be streaming on his own Twitch stream soon, dates and times tbc. So please keep an eye out on this thread for updates.  Please come by press the follow button and show your support for the newest member of Unibet. 

Many thanks 

D. Angel x 

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I managed to ask some questions to Dbergie which he kindly answered for me so here is a short bio of Dbergie. 

He is 26 and from Norway. He's a professional gamer who  won a Bronze in the World Cyber games in China in 2009 and also a former world champion in Trackmania.  When I asked him if gaming helped the transition into poker he replied. Yes definitely. I believe there are similarities between gaming and poker, and thus you see quite a few players making the transition more smoothly. More specifically the mindset and thought process behind every hand, can be related to how progamers work as well.

What made him start playing poker? 

I started playing poker because the competitive side in me was drawn towards the game. The thought process behind every hand is so complex, and it made me want to try and see if I could become decent. I was instantly hooked from the first tournament I played, partly because I cashed in it, but mainly because I could see myself playing this game for a long time.

Then I asked him how long have you been playing poker?

I've been playing poker for a year now, so i'm still a freshman!

His largest cash to date is $5000 pretty impressive to say he only started playing a year ago.

 What would you say to someone that's new to the game of poker? 

Take one tournament at a time. Dont get too fired up about losing, poker is a game of variance and you're not gonna cash or win every single tournament. Learn from your mistakes, adapt to your opponents' playstyles and most importantly: Have fun!

 Whats your ambitions for the future?

Honestly my main goal right now is just to keep on improving as a player. I have a genuine drive to become as good as possible, and with my progaming (video games) background, I am dedicated and motivated to work hard in order to reach my goals. A "side"-goal of mine is to go to Vegas one day!

 Who's your favourite player in poker and why?

This is a tough one to answer. When I started playing poker I watched a lot of Youtube videos of Negreanu, Phil Ivey, Viktor Blom aka Isildur, Gus Hansen and the list goes on.. Then I noticed one guy was crushing the High Roller field, and he goes by the name of Fedor Holz. I studied him quite a lot and I believe the way he approaches tournaments, and his posture during them, is unreal. So I guess right now he is my favourite player.

What would you say about twitch and watching is it a good thing, have you learnt anything?

Watching poker pros play on Twitch is very educational. My methods of learning have been: Playing and observating. By watching pros on Twitch ive learned a lot about the game, and more importantly what range of hands a person can have in different situations. I recommend anyone into poker to watch Twitch streams, you'll learn a lot!

What else apart from poker do you like playing?

 I like a lot of different video games, ranging from Trackmania to FIFA. The only games I like, but also dislike, are shooters. I'm so bad at them :D

Are you apprehensive about doing the twitch stream?

And no im not apprehensive, more privileged and motivated.

So there you go a bit about the new twitch streamer. 


D. Angel x 





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