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first deposit bonuses


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Hi on the 17/5/17 i made my first deposits to the site . in total i made £135 worth of deposits that nite and im wondering should i not have got deposit bonuses and free spins etc as i played poker, casino games, bingo and put bets on in sports to get bonuses . im starting to think my account on unibet has a glitch and is not awarding me them . could you have a look for me and see if i should have got anything when i deposited about 10 seperate times on the 17/5 to the tune of £135 

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The welcome offer is an offer that only counts for the first deposit you make, the offer isn't added automatically to your account, instead you have to chose in the last step of signing up if you want the offer or not, it looks like this:


The bonus money is instant, so if there was no bonus amount added to your account, the way to get the bonus would've been to contact customer support right away before playing for the deposit(this goes for all types of bonuses by the way).

We don't add the welcome bonus automatically as the offer has wagering requirements, it wouldn't be fair to force these requirements on players who aren't interested.

This is a tough one for me to help out with @jayayr1:

1) Had you deposited the full £135 at once you would've received the full bonus, but the bonus money would've also been forfeited upon a withdrawal - which was done at the end of the night on the 17th as well. You could easily argue that you wouldn't have made the withdrawal if you had in fact gotten the bonus money, but we can never know, and thus it's crucial we get contacted right away when a bonus is missing.

2) The first deposit bonus technically only counts towards the very first deposit, which was £5 - though we try to be as flexible as possible here, but again, we need to be contacted before the money is spent.

I can try a desperate call for help at the bonus department, but don't get your hopes up they'll meet the request under the circumstances.


Former Community Manager
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Thanks for clarifying it jeppe appreciate your time . yes i made a small initial deposit of £5 initially . i remember now . as it was a new site i wasnt sure of whether the deposit would go through ok ha. so i made a small deposit to make sure it went into the account ok.  and i realise now where i went wrong .  

Thanks again for your reply

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