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In the your notifications thing sure they're good, but apearing on every single table, covering the top player on every single table is really silly design and quite pointless. Them being accounted in the tournament lobby like @MoreTBC  suggested would be best of course, especially since you can't track results on unibet, also showing people how much they won in bounties gives positive reinforcement for playing these tournaments. 

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Don't get me started with ps 🤣 Jesus what a hell hole with all ❤️♥️❤️ popping out all the places if you don't set them off.

To rec player like me, i just want to play my tables and don't need anything unnecessary information. I know if i am playing bounty tournament and can see my balance, that is all i need to know. And hate to see that bell blinking next time i open poker just to see that i have won 2 cent bounty yesterday :D

But i can appreciate if someone wants those notifications so maybe chance to remove them from settings would be best way to go..... in the far far distant future 😏

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