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Whitelabel Error 503 no configured human readable error view

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This error message happens when the main unibet site is down and the issue is that the client has nothing configured to properly let the player know what's happening and to try again, so everyone is stuck restating the client over and over again or because they don't know that it's not their issue, restarting their PC reinstalling etc.

This error should trigger a premade internal client page that might say something of the sorts: "The unibet.com domain is currently inaccessible, we are working to get it back up and running as fast as possible. Please try again later". And have a big button in the center "Try again now" that tries again to reload the login page without having to restart the client.

Ideally I would even go a step further and have the fallback page automatically check the site every few seconds to see if it's back (in the background) and load the login page the moment it is back so the user doesn't even have to do anything. And display on that fallback page, retrying in x seconds (which is counting down), Retry Failed, retrying again in x seconds...



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