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Time based jackpot Promo missing if you log in before it "Starts"

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This usually happens before one of the hexapro promo days, if you log in 2 hours before the first jackpot, the client will get a [CDailySpecialsPromotionProvider] Today event starts, Delay Call function called ... but the banner counter and the promo page counter will be missing until you restart the client, or until the jackpot chase starts, never getting the jackpot starts in counter, or even a promo page sometimes, presumably because it doesn't receive a "payLoad": "mystery" so it acts as if the promo didn't start, but if you log in after that promo starts moment, you do receive the "payLoad": "mystery" on login and everything will be fine. Didn't consider this worth reporting, but now with the bigger hexapro timer promo it's happening in the middle of the day multiple times a day and the entire promo page is missing which can be pretty confusing.. 

Promo page completely missing before and after "Today event starts" in the middle of the day between the 2€ and the 5€ jackpots (3 hours between the starts of the 2 and the start of the 5). Sending the "payLoad": "mystery" when the "today event starts" event happens would semi resolve it, except for these middle of day jackpots where as in the current example, the 2€ drops in the first 10 minutes, and then you log it, it will look as if there is no hexapro promo today at all for the next 50 minutes with the fix, right now it looks like there is no promo today for the next 3 hours. 




After restarting the client the promo is visible:



Video from 2 hours before the promo day begins, can see the stakes being added on the hour, but not the promo:

Video with logs added in the secret section, but there isn't much more than the [CDailySpecialsPromotionProvider] Today event starts, Delay Call function called message, and nothing else really.

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