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The Hexapro Jackpot Timer continues after JP is hit

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When a jackpot hits, the Jackpot timer doesn't stop until the 1st hand of that jackpot hexapro ends, which can be from a few seconds, up to a minute or 2. I'm sure there's a good reason for this implementation, and most of the regs might not know exactly what's happening but know there's a delay, but for the random person that joins games right after it hits this looks really bad like it's a fake promo or rigged or something. 

Wouldn't it be possible to have the component that determines the multiplier inform the timer instead of the hand history? In the example in the video where the timer reaches 0, and would have went far past that, the lotteryrunning payload with the result of the jackpot hexa has been received with 23 seconds left and even contains the timings of the animations, surely that information could be sent to the component that deals with the timer as well. 




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