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Sit back delay

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It takes some time  after you take your seat again to system to update and remove zzz image and show your cards in "multiple table section"


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Maybe badly explained but there was play button, pressed it and got into play when it was my turn. Just the visual side is lacking, i assume zzz image should disappear and cards should be shown at side bar immediately after i sit in again, not wait until it is my turn to act?

So after dependable before me did what he did, zzz was gone, cards were shown in sidebar too and i could act (fold if i am not mistaken with my holecards 😄 )

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Now that i watched the feelsbadman video yeah probly same bug, but if he would have pressed play right away when play button popped up, i think he could have played the hand too.

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It's actually this one, not the one Stubbe pointed to

There's just nothing that updates you from sitting out to sitting in, both for yourself and your opponents, until a move is made. 

I would add that the cards not showing in the hand widget if that's what you're describing, might be an important thing to also pay attention to when fixing (didn't notice that cause I don't play mobile), if they fix it to just sit you in immediately then it might fix itself but who knows if that's how it works.

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18 minutes ago, FeelsBadMan said:

hand widget

Oh, that is what it is called, live and learn 😄

Btw, was there some scheduled update couple of hours ago? Got following message when logging in to poker 20 past midnight and as far as i see tournaments ran just fine 🤔 

It says pretty much "scheduled update, you will be logged out before 00:50 so stop playing before that. You can login and start playing again after 30 minutes"


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