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Disconnection jam

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Maybe just one time thing, tried multiple times afterwards with no luck to get it again but as i never seen this before thought i let you know.

Minimized app for about 10 seconds to check internet and when i returned got following message, i ticked the box and got forwarded to not fully loaded client. Had to reboot app to get things running again.



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Adding some info which i think goes with this, i think that constant "disconnecting detected" when returning to app is new thing after you made some changes (which happens after 2nd and 3rd time i leave and return the app on video) cause usually earlier it has just loaded the table without such notification?

While i believe it is lack of phone ram issue what happens upon my first app leaving and returning aka system loading everything from start (cause web page loads again too and ain't in the background already loaded), i don't really get why disconnection happens every time app is left. It often causes long freeze in the table too, nothing happens until some update is done and then you suddenly see totally different situation than when you were first returned to table. Actually started to record to get footage of freeze, didn't happen this time but another never seen thing happens with me trying to bet with A4 but end up being folded and put on sleep. (REFUND with unable to play my premiums 😄 )




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