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android app crashes quite often when put in the background

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As specified in the title, the app crashes when put in the background or when returning to it.

I managed to reproduce the bug 8 times: 6 times with an open mtt table and 2 times without, in the main menu.

Apparently it happens more often when you have an open table, but it's a small sample and this could be random noise.

The frequency with which it appears differs from test to test. Sometimes the app crashes after the first attempt, sometimes after 20.

I've attached a screenshot here and another one in the hidden section with detailed info about the device used for the tests.



I managed to record it



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No luck with switching without table open. I can try with next title fight feeder if it happens while playing, awesome tournys too goof around, either all in or not for first 15 minutes so it don't affect gameplay 😄

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I did a clean install. After a few minutes, the app crashed when I tried to set an alarm on the phone.

I had no open tables + when I left the app I was on the main screen.

I noticed that sometimes i don't receive the message: "Unibet Poker has stopped", but when I return to it, the screen loads and the login window appears.

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Haven't been able to make it crash for now with the unresponsive app -thingy, but instead tried to see could it have something to do with the idle time differences when it's at the background?

I mean the reoccurring annoyance on mobile, when you are at the open app and click to some links to mainsite (from messages icon or other links from burgermenu and banners for example), and IF the app is left open in the background, the idle time for it to log out is somewhere between 5-10min. 

Tried first with external timer to 5min and played some casino slots, went back and it was still logged in.

The second time waited to 10min mark, and did nothing on the main page or in the app, and result after switching back to poker app view was the "moved to another device- message".


It didn't log out on the main site.

No device was changed.

If i just close the poker app completely out ouf sight when doing something else, the time before having the need to log back in is significantly longer. 

(Which is what i've learned to always do by routine because of it, no matter if on table playing the game or just waiting some game to begin. Typical moment for that is to go on a 6min MTT break, and start reading discord and whatnot and having that sight after switching back)

Samsung galaxy tab A7

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No luck reprodusing it with open table either and got to say after all the tries i did with more switching and faster than i ever otherwise would do while playing, if it needs more tries and faster actions to bug to happen, i wouldn't really call it an issue. Ofc that is just my device, others might be different.

But what was bit weird while testing, at 0:29 i had to wait to be seated thou it was same table all the time. Never seen that before. That was after app loaded again, it happens quite often while switching on and off from apps or multitasking, most likely due lack of ram on my phone as my better phone don't have such issues.



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Have managed to reproduce the crashes on Android 8, only while playing not just being in the lobby, and it happened a lot while switching out of the app and back in, wasn't even spamming it too hard, kinda just normal, I'mma check discord real quick or maps or whatever. Got it a couple of times on Android 12 as well but seems to be super rare here, presumably 12 is just much better with app switching than it's older predecessors.

However, even though it kinda "crashes", app stopped working close the app type shit, I can still tap back onto the app and it completely recovers in less than 10 seconds starting from the welcome screen without having to put in the credentials again, without having to open the app again, super impressive stuff 🫡 , it did not used to be like that, especially on Android 8, used to have a lot of unrecoverable crashes and freezes.

Now all this is all good and dandy when the auto re-login works, and it does work for the most part, so it's not a huge deal, but there are some issues, which are a whole different can of worms with the auth. 

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