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0.2€ Hexapro winner notifications displayed as 0€

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@Purps reminded me of this little scuff. When someone wins a Hexapro jackpots at 0.2€ stakes the notification says it was won at 0€ stakes.


{"tags": ["notify", "promo"], "payLoad": {"id": null, "msg": [113, 109, 0], "state": 1, "popup": {"type": "flash", "scope": ["all", null]}, "props": {"excluded": ["BE", "SE", "NL", "DK"], "ph": ["LilNuceeee", "160", "0"]}}}

The payload does transmit 0 for the stake, so the issue is server side, and I assume the received data will be used as a string in the client so there will be no variable mismatches if it gets changed to 0.2. Wherever the stake is being serialized should round to 1 decimal point instead of an int. I guess could also just make an exception for this one stake if changing the variable type would be too "dangerous". It's not very important though, just looks a bit weird. 



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