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#LuckIsNoCoincidence – Episode 5: Know Your Ground




Whether you are playing on the concrete of your back yard, or the pristine pitch of your national stadium, the surface makes a huge difference in any sport.

Our presenters, The F2 Freestylers and Jermaine Jenas are joined by a team of experts to analyse this dimension to the game with two pioneering experiments including the ultimate game of two halves.

We also look at the most important part of a tennis match, the court surface and we examine the science behind the different types of ground.



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Interesting as always - and quite funny too. I love those two guys. :) Btw, is anyone else amazed that he could hit the tennis ball with his foot like that - and score as well - over and over again? Hitting it with a racket is one thing, but it's so small, I'd hardly be able to track where it was, much less hit it with my foot - so that was seriously impressive. :)
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I had no idea how strongly the surface for tennis/football can influence the performance.  Really interesting video :)


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Just curious, was this the last episode in the "Luck is no Coincidence" series or will we see more of these guys in the near future? :)
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 I've created a blog post with the last one right here, something must have gone wrong in the original publication, because it should have been up back in September :)

Pretty cool about these videos is that we won a gold award for the best non-retail marketing campaign at this years International Content Marketing Awards :Wow:

Online gambling site Unibet wanted to create a fresh, creative and disruptive campaign for the Euro 2016 football tournament, so turned to Karmarama to take an unusual angle on the traditional betting ad and make them the bookmaker that actually helped their customers win.

Using an approach that advised customers to consider different factors when deciding which team to bet on, the agency created a series of films. Fronted by recognisable ex-players, managers and gambling experts, these films dramatised the effect some less considered – but potentially decisive – factors have on football. Stats from the campaign were impressive: videos were viewed over 18m times, with total watch time at over 48 million minutes; global share of voice increased significantly, and the number of accounts opened during this period more than doubled.

“This was a genuinely disruptive campaign that challenged category norms,” raved the judges. “It showed brilliant insight all the way through.”

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Thanks @JeppeL. Good thing I asked then, or it may have remained lost in cyber space. ;) And congrats to Unibet on the award - absolutely well deserved. :)
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