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#LuckIsNoCoincidence – Episode 4: Home Advantage




Its all about the fans, but what impact do you out there have on sports?

We want to know why athletes perform better in their home games and in doing so will introduce you to some top global talent.



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@JeppeL I'm pretty surprised i didn't know about #LuckIsNoCoincidence but man i enjoyed it so much, thank you i will watch all of them now, and hope to see more in the future.
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 Good thing I got this one up and featured for you to see then, I just finished watching it as well, pretty cool stuff :)

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Hello Jeppe see this video is fun you can feel the feeling of being a winner himself has had a cruel winner instinct when I every elite athlete himself on had met all the major players in my sport bowling on had a dream to be mediated Olympics yourself but unfortunately they have not become a sports branch than in the Olympics ... on also where you see the big the difference as the home team on away teams when they have been a jewelery gemn match as the crowd support helped the home side in 80% of the games each tough .... so to get the win reached when trained long for that competition on then get the win is an incredible will diminish the happiness on then when you see what great host's artists to hit ... so a big thank you this episode Jeppe .... robb-75

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Wow, those were some pretty cool tricks there at the end. :) Thanks for posting this, it was very internering to watch. I think Iceland in the Euros is another perfect exemple of how much the supporters can actually help the team. That Icelandic volcano sure worked well for them. :)
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  Hey Jeppe,

     Here's what I think. When a team plays at home they have what people call a home field advantage.  Not meaning they will be on a familir field that they know & are used to, but that most of the fans at the event will be rooting for the home team. It's all about energy. Everything is. I read once about an experiment where they let ping-pong balls run over a board with pegs in and numbered slots at the bottom where the balls fal into. When left unattended, the balls fall into the slots randomly. But when they ask someone to sit there and focus on more balls going into one slot, the results are remarkable. The balls don't end up like before, when no one was watching,  there are more balls in the slot that they were focusing on. It's they same as when someone is up on stage. The people watching energize the person on stage, ask any live performer. It's the same for teams that play at home. All those fans enegize the team & make things possible with hope that otherwise would not have been. I'm  drummer and I have felt it before on stage. I used to do sport but now the only sport I do is Serious Poker....   LOL  

 hope you enjoyed my 2 cents worth...

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Home advantage can be significant if the player/team has the skill to win the match in the first place. For example, in NBA, Golden State Warriors were ranked #1 during the regular season & the Philadelphia 76ers were dead last. While the 76ers were far less talented, they still had respectable amount of skill to compete in the league & made games very interesting in their home court. They failed to beat the Warriors, but the match was decided in the last minute. Away from home, the 76ers got completely obliterated.

So to conclude, home advantage can be a powerful thing, but the athletes competing still have to have the skill/drive needed to overcome other obstacles.

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