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#LuckIsNoCoincidence – Episode 1: Check The Weather




We’ve heard all of the excuses, but how much does the weather really matter in football?
We investigate how the heat, conditions and extreme environments can affect the result of a football match with the help of Jermain Jenas, Danny Higginbotham, the F2 Freestylers and more of our experts analysts and tipsters.
What do you think of the findings in this first #LuckIsNoCoincidence video?



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That was fun and interesting video, weather is what it is and it have impacts but think positive and prepare yourself to situations if you can,have to check weather in France when bet

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Funny video indded and linked about how weather affect a football match result is true an a weaker team ranked do better  than a good one, because they have less techniques players.


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hello fun video but like Unibet us so bad that graze on sportbetingen after you have taken it out here .... hahahha ... but what fun the see the analyst, I will probably never be ... delightfully on the good work stubbe.....robb-75

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This was very interesting to watch, so thanks for sharing. Might really pay off to check the weather forecast before placing a bet. Just a few days ago I was thinking about how the extreme weather in France might affect the Euro. I haven't seen anything more about it on the news, but I really hope they have the floodings under control now.
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Nice video :) I guess almost all kind of elements are relevant in todays football when the sport is growing this rapidly.

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good video higginbottom pretty much said it knowledge of the ground your playing on is a big advantage. 

the long ball short ball section wind conditions was interesting.

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