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The Locker Room returns - Questions for Player Safety, Funds Security Analysts (Fraud agents)




Some of you might remember the old article/interview series called "The Locker Room" (https://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/Community-Blog/bg-p/communityblog/label-name/the%20locker%20room)

'The Locker Room' is an article series which will give you a behind the scenes look into who we are and how we're working at Unibet.

It's back! Inspired by Stubbe writing about his journey with Kindred #UnibetLife-Stubbe 

So far three Locker Room articles are planned and I would like for you to submit questions for two of them. This one is for Funds Security Analysts, more commonly known as Fraud Agents

For security reasons, this is an interview that is done with 2 different agents, both of whom will remain anonymous. 

What are the questions you've always wanted to been able to ask about the mysterious "Security department"? 

Please keep in mind that some questions can not be answered for obvious reasons. We will do the best we can with them and answer as many as possible. :)

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We know what they're called.

Many uf us know that where there is money someone somewhere will come up with a scheme to get hold of it, by fair means or foul. Superusers, bots, syndicates, multiple accounts, chip dumping, the list goes on, so what do the team consider as the biggest single threat to security, be it getting the cash or sensitive details or something else? What could be the potential downside, and any possible details on the biggest case they've been involved in.




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Kind of hard topic to ask questions cause, like said, they may not be able to anwer them but i might throw couple anyways. These questions ain't something that necessarily has happened to me or even at Kindred but something that i have seen pop up time to time when following this gambling scene. And rules seem to be kind of same no matter what company just as long under MGA.

About source of wealth:

Is there some regulation or something that you have to ask certain amount of sow even if there is no suspicion of fraud? Just to clear up what i mean is that even customers that have low amount transfers, have to sometimes provide sow. Which don't really make sense to me as i hardly think it interests any facet if we are talking about just tens or hundreds of euros. Or is it just that you have to provide some report that you have done sows to certain amount of people so they are rather done to small spenders for natural business interests, not so much money can made out of those players. (this has been conclusion of my brainstorm and unless proven otherwise, i am sticking to it 😛 )

Multiple accounts at same brand:

Quite obvious that same people do these fraud/verification checks to many site under same brand yet you may have to send same information to many sites. Ain't there way to use that same information to your all accounts at Kindred? Kind of frustrating and ofc more work for you if these are done individually to every account.

Why is it that frauds only come up upon withdraw:

Hardly ever see that frauds are detected upon deposit so why not do some kind of small and fast verification if your deposit/withdraw methods change or you open new account? To me it seems it would prevent many frauds or attemps to happen. Also, again, less tears for legit players and less work for you :)

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I'm sure these are busy times for you now and your workload will have increased, so I'm just wondering if there are any red flags that come up with new accounts that warrant further checks. We see new community members complaining about having to verify adresses or bank details, but I can't recall having to do any of that when I opened my account, I deposited and played straight away. Do you have any figures for the number of accounts being refused and any strange reasons why some are not accepted? 

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This site is an absolute joke ever since I pulled a huge withdrawal I've literally spent 5k and havet even won 100$ back. Stait fraud.  This is bullsh**t never will I waste money betting here again. Also reporting fraud 




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Hi I need help I got a 500 freeroll starting tonight any chance I can get it extends till 6 so I can use it in tonight game thanks 

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My card required for verification has been lost and cancelled. How can I get verified without it?

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