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The Locker Room returns - Questions for Head of Casino



Some of you might remember the old article/interview series called "The Locker Room" (https://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/Community-Blog/bg-p/communityblog/label-name/the%20locker%20room)

'The Locker Room' is an article series which will give you a behind the scenes look into who we are and how we're working at Unibet.

It's back! Inspired by Stubbe writing about his journey with Kindred #UnibetLife-Stubbe 

So far three Locker Room articles are planned and I would like for you to submit questions for two of them. First one goes to the Head of Casino!

Ask away, what have you always wanted to know about Casino as a product and as a department? This is a chance to pick a mind of someone who is leading this area for one of the biggest gambling operators in the world - Kindred. 

We will try to fit all questions in there, but please keep in mind that it is a fairly short interview and not everything can be answered to satisfaction. Also please try to remember that this article is meant to be a look behind the scenes, so questions that already have available answers while they are welcome, I'd encourage you to ask something that can not be googled.


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I've just spent 10 minutes framing a question on security, came back to check something and........................

confused ryan reynolds GIF 

..............................the subject's changed. :Wonder:

Back to the drawing board.

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I guess i have to do all the questions 😛 so:

What happens if JP if slot that has JP gets removed from market? JP is icluded to the RTP so shouldn't it be returned to players somehow?

Everlasting question from streaming wolrd: Kindred has ability to play with "play" money so that it looks like you are playing with real money? Little bit of tin foil section but what i've seen in videos and emails and terms in those sent by casinos to possible affiliate streamer, nothing is impossible :dissatisfied:

And lastly thumb up that you haven't followed trend that has been going on that casinos get lower RTPs of slots and request that you keep it that way 😃


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This question was asked in another thread, one I'd already pondered so I'll bring it up here. 

I like playing a session of roulette now and again but when I check the casino tourneys they always seem to be based on turnover, basically rewarding those with the bigger bankrolls that can chuck more money on the tables. In effect you're saying the more money you have the more money you can win, (possibly to offset your losses.) I can quite happily sit at a roulette table for a couple of hours and play £1 at a time but will never be able to compete in something like this, and can only see this increasing turnover as players play more to stay on the leaderboard. Is this responsible gambling?


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A minor question that slightly puzzles me.

Why is this table shown twice under two different names, same table, same dealer, same limits, same live feed?

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Hello. I have one ask. Unibet.com have some slot many slot games but in my country romania i dont have this games... my ask is.. when unibet.ro is updated with big time gaming (BTG PROVIDER) megaways games.. 

Thank you.

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