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Community Update - New summer promotions and changes in the Community team




Hi everyone, 

Today we posted a new promotion series that'll take us from mid summer and probably into the later part of August or September, depending on how good you guys are at betting in the final betting challenge that starts around the time the football leagues will be up and running once again. 
The series consists of four different promotions, one of each for Poker, Bingo, Casino and the Sportsbook, starting with Poker on the 15th of July. We did a successful test run on this a while back, so if the heat wave across the European continent is getting to you, it might be good opportunity to turn face the fan towards your gaming area and take on the challenge of building the highest stack possible on one of our low stakes cash game tables. 
I've tried taking in most of the feedback on our recent promotions and turn this into a series of competitions which many of you hopefully will find worth joining - in poker you can play all the way down to NL4, and in the casino, bingo and sportsbook competitions, you can take part using minimum stakes all the while competing for sizable prizes each week as well as for the leaderboard combining the four competitions. 
I hope you'll enjoy the promotion, but should there be parts of it you think could be better, please don't hesitate to give the feedback in the competition threads. For an easy overview of the entire promotion series with links for each of the competitions, check out the post here:
Summer Bash Overview :)

Another new promotion that'll go live here on the community within too long is Community SuperToto, where you must guess the outcome of 13 football matches, all played in the weekend. This is a classic format that we used to have available on Unibet in tournament form, but was unfortunately decommissioned earlier this year to make room for new products.
Quite a few of you has asked about it, so it seems natural we'd re-create it for the members here in a free to play version with bonus money prizes given after every weekend. Stay tuned for more information about this promotion, it'll be posted on the Sports Promotions board once we get a bit closer to the start dates of the football leagues.

Some great news that have been hinted at in a couple of threads already, is that the Community team will double in size by adding two new moderators. This is something we've been thinking would happen for a while, but was made official last week in relation to a company wide restructuring within the departments. Both Ray - the lone moderator at the moment - and myself are very excited about this. I had made written suggestions both for adding one or two moderators, so it's a very positive signal that two were indeed approved by the powers that be :)
A team of three moderators should get us back to where we were in terms of offering a better and faster service here on the site, whatever the issue or problem may be, providing help and coverage on anything from morning until late evening. Along with a community where we'll be able to offer a much better service in every way, it'll also improve the experience for the people out there writing reviews on Trust Pilot and other channels, as the scope and name of our team is officially now "Community & Reviews". 
There'll be a bit of a natural breaking in period once we find the new moderators as they'll be learning the ins and outs of new back offices, as well as getting to know you guys(please be nice with them :) ) - but I'm looking forward to the challenge of training two new people who will be here trying to make both Unibet and Unibet Community a better place for all players!

I hope everyone here are having a great summer, here in Malta it pretty much feels the same as last year, but reading the news it sounds like quite the heat wave across Europe, so please do take care of yourselves and drink plenty of water :)

On behalf of Unibet,




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In these equal times, i wonder will we see woman mod or does this remain sausage party 😛

Good job with promos, especially summer bash came perfect time for my next mission plans 😃

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Ticket for this madness please! 😃

I am in!

Hope one of the new member leaning towards sports betting.
We need one.

Community SuperToto 👍

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"Some great news that have been hinted at in a couple of threads already, is that the Community team will double in size by adding two new moderators."

This is the best thing since the summer of 2016 (born of UC). Im so happy for you guys @JeppeL @RayL

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@RayL Click the link : “You do not have sufficient privileges for this resource or its parent to perform this action. Click your browser's Back button to continue.”

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@Livertool I'd love adding a woman on the team, but in equal times it has to be the best applicants chosen, wouldn't you agree? :)

@XY Good observation, I'd prefer as well if you the new ones coming in have some specialty interests within the different sections.


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Nice but sad that you, as a Swedish, can't win anything further on what is offered.
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