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Fantasy Sports on the Community




Dear players of Unibet Community,

We're very excited for this summer and over the course of the next month Unibet is going to be having lots and lots of great betting offers, some will be for all players and others will be "special" promotions meant for local markets. As always, we want to add some extra offers for the players who take time to be a part of the Unibet Community, but this time we really wanted to go in a different direction and offer what we believe to be a very fun form of competition, and not found on any  Unibet site outside of the community. 

So it's with great pleasure that I can say we're launching free fantasy sports competitions, available to join by all of the close to 8000 members here on the community, for this summers big showdown in Russia! 

The system isn't perfect, and perhaps even a bit slower than we'd like it to be, but we've found that it's a reliable platform and with the greatly appreciated assistance of @testuser1 and @Livertool, we've managed to create competition format that includes daily player drafts, daily result picks(Pick'em), as well as a player draft for each round of the group stage, the knocout stage and an overall leaderboard combining your score in all of the different competitions. 

All of the specific information on how to play and the various competitions will be posted on the new Fantasy Sports board today - we hope you'll enjoy :)


All of us at the Unibet Community!



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