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Another great installment of the Newsletter @jonny2192. (But am I the only one not "getting" the bad joke...? :happyshy: Carjack...?) Congrats to the raffle winners! 😃 I bet at least one of them is particularly happy now that they stuck to their guns and didn't change their initial choice. 😉
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Well "duh" :haha: You know how I always complicate things - that was just too simple for me to get. 😏 (I couldn't have been more far off - I was actually trying to figure out if the hats on the jack cards look like cars or something... 🤣)
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hi there everyone  im pretty new to the community and this is the first comment i have added i am after a bit of a hand on how to work the various topics and posts if anyone can help as it looks quite fun and i would like to get more involved and if i can get help on how to recieve free poker tournaments it would be very appreciated


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