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@jonny2192  great newsletter again and now i'm blushing...

You are right when you say it means a lot to win a package :)  was jumping up and down when i won and it took a whole bottle of delicious wine to help me calm down after the excitement of that win !!  It was one of my objectives for this year and its already there :wow: ( not the wine of course :p )    Now i can focusing on stressing for this first ever live tournament :D

"oscar" speech:  i want to thank all of you supporting me in unibet twitch chat regularly, you are really awesome and i want to encourage shy people to come and join in in the chat: its really fun when you can share with other members of the community, it makes a victory even better , but it also helps when you lose to have some comfort :)  so i really hope many will join when the chat is integrated in this forum.

Special mention to @jonny2192: thank you for being there to be mental support in though games :rockon:

I'm looking forward to meet many of the community members for this tournament :)

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