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Upcoming Community Update




Almost all my time is spend on technical updates and design changes these days. On this page I'll provide you with a few teasers and updates, and you're of course more than welcome to comment on the changes and suggest amendments. Below a couple of screenshots from the private messages and notifications pages - please note that this is not necesarily the final look, it might look a little different, when the changes are published.


Next pages I'm going to change will be the blog and search ones. When the changes are pushed, you'll also be able to search in your private messages.





Recommended Comments

Search pages done. No major changes when it comes to the design (only fixed some minor issues), but I've made it possible to search in your PM's

Notification page has been finalized (the yellow color for mentions might be changed, as I can't really decide if I like or hate it)

 I've also fixed close to 50 minor design issues.

If there's something you'd like changed, now is the time to say so! :)

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Looks nice and clean, I like it. :) Will it also be made possible to see the whole conversation at once - like in an email? If you have a lot of messages it's sometimes hard to know which one someone is replying to and you have t go back and open up the previous message to know what it's all about. Btw, how come I can't format, use emoticons or preview my posts in the blog section? I went to preview this but then it just went back to your original post and everything I'd written disappeared so I had to go back and re-type the whole post again. For some reason I always seem to have the same problem in this section of the board... Anyone else?
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@Valkyrie. Good idea with the full conversation view. I'll investigate if this is possible :)

I'll look into the issue you're describing. Haven't experienced it myself, but will see if I can replicate it :)

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Sounds good @testuser1. :) Hmm, seems I can't "mention" people in here either, the list never shows up when I write @. I think I saw someone else saying they had formatting problems too, in the member of the year voting thread... I had the same issue there as well. Btw, when I say I can't use emoticons, I mean I don't get any of those choices above the post window - it's just the rich text, html and preview links - and the quote one. But I can't click on either of them without being kicked out and having to start over.
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@Valkyrie, I'll have a look at all this, when I start working on the blog section, next week :)

Not planning to make any major changes to the thread page in the next update, but I'm playing around with a quick reply functionality:

Accepted solutions will also be shown a little different after the next update. If an answer is accepted as a solution, it'll automatically be floated to the top of the thread, as shown below.

 The look of both the above pages might change a little, as they're not finished yet.

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