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Yearly Awards 2016 - The Winners




See this post for more information about the awards and the first year of the community.

Member Of The Year 2016

The member who overall contributed the most the community.

The Unibet Community is full of helpful and creative people, and the winner of the community member of the year badge is no different. He hosts a popular competition on his own and is always helpful whenever he can be in all parts of the community. We’ve certainly enjoyed his company so far and hope to see more of him in the future, the community member of the year badge goes to @Magicadil!

It was really, really tight, with just two votes between the winner and the second and third. The runners-up with just two votes less than @Magicadil are @jonny2192 and @AndreiBN.

The Comedian 2016

The funniest member who often make you smile/laugh.

Take a dose of sarcasm, a pinch of quirkiness, a big spoon of pleasantness and what do you get besides a smile on your face? The winner of the comedian badge; @jonny2192 – thanks for bringing the joy day in and day out! The runner-up is @psrquack.

Calmer Of Storms 2016

The most helpful member who's always at the ready with expert advice.

One of the things I enjoy most about the community, is the eagerness of everyone to help out the fellow members, and there were a lot of serious contenders for this award. @AndreiBN came out on top with just one more vote than the runner-up @Magicadil.

Blogger Of The Year 2016

The author of the best blog on the community

2016 was certainly the rise of blogs on the community and it’s always a pleasure reading the many updates, both on poker but also on the daily lives of the people who make the community what it is. Given the general top quality content of the different blogs, the winner of the Blogger of the Year Badge is certainly special, and we’re delighted to present this badge – voted for by the people - to none other than @MoreTBC! The win was very significant, and there are no real runners-up.

Expert Tipster Of The Year 2016

The member providing the community with the best and most profitable betting picks

If you’ve ever moved your eyes across the Latest Discussions widget on the front page, there’s a good chance you’ve seen his betting picks topic - his main game is tennis, and he’s damn good at predicting games on many different levels. Through all the great members offering tips and tricks on betting, this year’s Expert tipster badge goes to @AndreiBN! The runner-up is @testuser1.

Likes Champion 2016

The member with the most likes during 2016 (not in the survey).

It was a very tight race between @Magicadil and @AndreiBN@Magicadil ended up with almost 4850 likes against @AndreiBN's 4800 likes.

@Magicadil will get a community UO package for becoming the member of the year, and all other winners will get € 50 in FBM. The bonus money will be added tomorrow.

Congratz to all the winners and thank you to every single member that signed up this first year of the community! @MarcoV@JeppeL and I look forward to see you on the site again next year :)

Happy new year and be careful with the fireworks :)



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Thanks for all the votes other members :)

Congrats to other winners :)

Knew I should have voted for myself instead of another member for MOY lol


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Congrats @Magicadil for the "" Member of the Year"and "Likes Champion". You really deserve them.Hope you will enjoy at maximum your UO package.

Also,congrats @jonny2192 for putting a smile on our faces whenever we need it,and give a helping help. 

@MoreTBC was really nice reading everytime your blog and hope you'll keep up the good work also next years :D

Thank you so much @testuser1 , @MarcoV and @JeppeL for this amazing community and the most important "Thank you"" is for all the members here who made it great.Thnaks for following my tips,for trusting them and i hope to provide at least as much as i did,next year.

Wish you all a very Happy New Year and just have fun,party and see you al ready to have a great start in 2017 :D

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Wow thanks a lot guys. This is the greatest Christmas gift I could have hoped for.

Congrats to the other winners as well. What an incredible first year. I made many great friends here and hope to one day meet you all.

@testuser1 Can you set the expiry date of package to Dec.31, 2018. I will obviously attend far before then but since I'll be touring a lot this will allow me to choose which UO to attend.

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Congrats to all winners,I was really pleased to be a nominee for such a great community. @Magicadill: I will never forget when we posted pictures to the the cute animal thread. I hope there will be an UO event outside Europe and you can enjoy your well deserved package. You are the king of the word games. @jonny2192: what should I say? You can't stop Howard, the duck? I really enjoyed all your games and you added the most creative energies to the community. Even if you are here or on twitch you always make a conviviality. @AndreiBN: I have soft spot for you but I think you know better how things are going here than lot of CS agents. Always friendly, helpful and love to care bears ... err ducks. A true expert and a leader of the pack. @MoreTBC: when I read your blog I always fell that me english is much better than in real life. Your posts are always funny and entertaining. You are the community Duncan Macleod for me. All the Unibet guys: thank you that you spent so much time with us and always focused on user satisfaction. See you next year!
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Really nice and kind words from you  @psrquack Really appreciate them a lot.Thanks for all your work here and hopefully,i'll meet you in one of the UO Events in 2017 to share some beers and have chow-chow and ducks talk :D

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Congrats to all the winners (and the runners-up)! 😃 Each and every one of you have deserved your rewards and you all contribute to making this a great place to be, so I hope you keep doing what you do best in 2017 as well. 👍 😀
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Congratulations guys, all of the awards are well deserved. BUT... you all have to keep it up, okay? :laugh:

Btw thanks for nominating me, im already proud of that 👍

Happy New Years for the COMMUNITY and enjoy your holidays! 

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all winners!             dear friends and all community members!  Fun celebrition and all the best on new year!😃 

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I congratulate to all winners and i must tell you that i feel like a winner too,because i became a member of this wonderful community!!!  Happy New Year and i wish too all of you plenty of everything!!!

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 Congrats to all the winners!!! Well deserved all!

Close calls on some of the topics :o

@Magicadil Those packages don't work with expiracy dates ;) I think they hoped everybody to get to London who got one, because they want to make something like a "community home" where all community members stay :) (to push the price down and get as many players there)
But probably they will allow you to get to a later one aswell :) Hope meeting you someday at an event (if ever I find the time again)

Happy hollidays to everyone and make the best of 2017!!!

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          Congratulations to all the winners !!!        




Enjoy your prices and this New Year incoming :)



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 Cool :) Congratulations to all the winners, undoubtedly very well deserved.
Good entries for the new year

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