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#LuckIsNoCoincidence – Episode 6: Game Changers




Unexpected incidents can play a vital role in the final outcome of any football match, with goals and red cards the key contributing factors to any result.

Alongside a team of renowned experts, Jermaine Jenas and The F2 Freestylers explore the pivotal importance scoring has on a game.

In the second experiment, we analyse the performance of a team subjected to the surprise element of a red card and how they respond at both ends of the field.



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I don't know if it's supposed to be that way but the text isn't visible at all when you click on "read more" - inside the post there's only the video. Anyway, interesting as always - so thanks for posting it. :)
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Thanks for pointing that out , I've edited a bit in the introduction so the setup should make sense now :)

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