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Unibet Idea Exchange and Bug Reporting




As announced yesterday, I pushed an update with quite a lot of changes. In case you haven't read the post, here's the list:

  • Unibet Idea Exchange and Bug Reporting is live
  • The rich text editor as well as quote is now available across all mobile devices – previously only plain text could be written on the majority of mobile devices
  • The community search is now configured so that it’ll always search at the root of the community – before this change it’d always search in the section of the community you were in
  • Because of the above I’ll soon disabled the file upload – there’s no reason to attach an image, when it can be added to the post
  • Likes can now be revoked, and I’ve made the like button slightly easier to hit on mobile devices – personally I often hit the “1 like” by mistake, when wanting to like a post
  • Some text made slightly more visible/bold (e.g. the topic overview when clicking “Poker” or “Betting picks”)
  • The user menu has changed so it's now slide-in instead of drop-down. The # of notifications and PM's will also be shown without having to click the menu
  • The page navigation has been added to the top of the topic pages, so you don't have to scroll all the way to the bottom to go to another page (the navigation is of course also still at the bottom of the page). I removed the topic navigation (before you had the option to "Go to next topic"), as I found it pretty useless.
  • Various small design changes

The change I've been looking forward to the most is the launch of the idea exchange and bug reporting section, and I've just made the section public! :) 

The setup is pretty similar to the one you know from the forum boards and this blog, but there're a few differences. The main difference is the status functionality, which will allow you to easily follow the progress.
With the launch of this new section, we wish to involve you guys more in the development of the Unibet platform and make it easier for you to report bugs and get the developers to listen to your ideas. It'll cover every single part of the customer experience, from depositing, to playing to withdrawing - and of course also using the community :) 

If you've already submitted an idea/bug report, I recommend you to add it to this new section as well, so that we have everything in one place :)

Will my bug be fixed?

Yes, of course! If it turns out to be a bug affecting a lot of customers, we'll of course get it fixed as fast as we can, and we promise to keep you updated on the progress.

Will my idea be implemented?

Unfortunately we don't have the time to review every single idea that's submitted, and neither can we commit to delivering all popular ideas. Every month we'll review at least the three ideas that have received the most votes in the past 30 days, and if an idea happens to have received a lot of likes but never made it into top 3, we will of course also review that one. The 3 ideas is a minimum, and we might review a lot more than this - I promise to have a look at everything that's submitted with the label "Community".



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Idea Exchange: i thought it will be awesome if you guys will make a window where we can chat between members kinda like old irc, and i really lol at 2days around the world stream, so i thought it will be awesome to do a monthly show in this manner but with community news. #cheers
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