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General Poker

1 reply

Help Please

Hy guys I tried to open the application this morning and this message appeared to me. I reinstalled the application but the same message appears. Can someone help me ? Thank you

revvv By revvv

Help & Support

4 replies

Unibet won't open

I posted this in bug reports, but thought this is maybe a more appropriate spot. I can't open Unibet, I keep getting this error. I've tried deleting and then reinstalling the software. I'm at a bit of a loss here. Has anyone run into this? Any help would be much appreciated.

Josafina By Josafina

Blogs & Stories

22 replies

Play decent poker at 200nl

Hey guys, how's it going. Hope you're all well. Pretty cool things are starting to open back up over here in the UK, coffee shops, bars and casinos!  I want to  play some live poker in the future, but it's been a while since I played and I can't even remember my standard opening ranges.  So... I've decided to try to play some good poker at 200nl while also learning some ranges. As I haven't played much 200nl before, I'm just  going to one table it.  Starting Bankroll   €756   (I just  deposited £650) because if I was playing live and one tabling I'd usually turn up with about 3 and a half stacks.  So let's see how this goes. I also just invested in primed mind (some mindset coaching from Elliot Roe which is an App in android/ios app store), and just listened to the cash game hypnosys, so here goes! Will update after this session to let you know how it went. Then fairly regularly going forwards. 

SkilfulPoker By SkilfulPoker

Deposit and Withdraw Help

0 replies

Won’t let me withdraw money

It won’t let me withdraw money I withdrew £7000 last night now I’ve won £250 and it won’t let me take it out says not enough funds 

Tjm2408 By Tjm2408

Verification Help

9 replies

Urgent help with account and withdrawal

It’s been 5 days now since I made my account and withdrew my money. I have sent docs of verification however it is still being reviewed and money on hold. I can’t use my account at all, and use my balance in my account. I just want to use my account being a new customer and I can’t because of this. I’ve won money and just want it in my bank. I’ve read the forum at other people, and some wait months for this!
appreciate any help. 

Dbrown1950 By Dbrown1950

Betting and Sports

0 replies

UEFA Women's EURO 2022 ( Predictor games )

Still very quiet on the football fantasy side of things for another month or so, so let's do some predicting on the women's EURO 2022 to ease the pain 🙂 Tournament starts on Wednesday 6th of July. There's no fantasy for this one, but a match predictor and a bracket predictor games are available. Below is an invitation link to a community private league to the match predictor. Match predictor: https://gaming.uefa.com/en/weuropredictor/groupjoin/7YF3UGRLPB     The bracket predictor doesn't have a private league option, but feel free to post your bracket here if you wish. Here's mine 😛  

Purps By Purps
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