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Betting and Sports

132 replies

World Cup chat and bets

10 days to go! Thought we should have a dedicated thread for the upcoming tournament. Curious to see what bets you guys have placed and will place. It can come as no surprise that I've bet on Denmark to win the tournament. I'm also considering just putting a little bet on Skov Olsen to be the top goalscorer of the tournament 😄  he's been on fire for the national team this year and I think he'll get a good number of minutes. It'll depend on how Lindstrøm, Damsgaard and Skov Olsen are used together with the strikers Braithwaite, Cornelius, Wind and Dolberg. Also still 5 spots free in the squad and sure we'll see one more winger (Poulsen almost certain imo). I'd love to see a lineup like the below, but probably not an option for this tournament, considering it'd be too "new": Schmeichel Kristensen (Leeds) - Christensen (Barcelona) - Kjær (AC Milan) - Andersen (Crystal Palace) - Mæhle (Atalanta) Delaney (Sevilla) - Højbjerg (Tottenham) Eriksen (United) Skov Olsen (Brugge) - Lindstrøm (Frankfurt) - Damsgaard (Brentford)  Depend on the shape of Damsgaard, starting with Lindstrøm on the left wing might be better (and then Dolberg, Brathwaite or Cornelius in the centre). One hell of team! 
Delaney the weak link imo but Nørgaard probably not fit to start and Jensen not better. With Billing playing really well for Bournemouth this season, he would be an interesting addition to the squad, especially if Nørgaard isn't fit enough.   

Stubbe-Unibet By Stubbe-Unibet

Community Promotions

14 replies

World Championship competition, Sunday 27.11

Time for even more World Cup community competition action! 🏆 For every remaining day of the 2022 FIFA World Cup we will be making picks on a set of questions regarding all the matches of the day. To keep things as simple as possible, we will be using the community poll feature for submitting the picks. Points for correct picks will be based on Unibet sportsbook odds, and you will see the potential points for a correct answer in brackets (...) on every selection. So basically this will be very much like the SuperToto competitions most of us are used to, with the exception that this have a new competition every day, and there will be no overall leaderboard.   Prizes for 3 highest daily total points are credited in poker tickets and are as follows: 1st prize: €50 Majors MTT ticket + €25 Majors MTT ticket 2nd prize: €50 Majors MTT ticket + €10 Majors MTT ticket 3rd prize: €50 Majors MTT ticket New rule addition: If two or more players finish in a prize position with the exact same amount of points, ticket prizes will not be divided in any way, but the "first to post"-rule will be used as a tie-breaker, so first to post their picks will always have the advantage over the other one(s).   The poll will automatically close at the time of the first kick-off at 11:00 CET, and you will have no way of submitting your picks after that has happened. So don't leave things too late. 🙂 I will also be participating despite hosting this and choosing the events, but all the picks are public and I'll be making my picks very early, so that should hopefully be fine for everyone. Good luck everyone, and if you have any questions, please ask 🙂👍   Terms and conditions Customers from Sweden and Belgium can not take part in this promotion The promotion starts the 25th November 2022 and ends 18th December 2022 Tickets will be credited within 24 hours of the last match of the day ending We reserve the right to change the promotion at any time We reserve the right to exclude customers from this promotion General Unibet terms and conditions apply

Purps By Purps

General Poker

1 reply

Penalty Hero

Wow just Wow

penguin50 By penguin50

Blogs & Stories

2 replies

Jerry's corner

So after few years in the community im starting my blog. Mainly for venting or some s h it posting 😬 I play poker mostly for fun, aimless and without any expectations. Have other income so poker is a gig on the side [betting as well]. Played chess [was pretty bad, played too schematically, btw this is my biggest poker sin too!], bridge [still playing from time to time] so poker was another thing. Maybe sometime i will write about my time being promising pro footballer [playing against Levandovsky] 😉, or maybe not cause its still painfull that i didnt make it. Wanted first post to be optimistic so here my last win. It was first week of new schedule. Since then 🤮 More 2 come...

jerry By jerry

Promotion and Bonus Help

4 replies

Poker Playthrough bonus

Hello! I could swear I have seen somewhere on these forums that playthrough bonuses got extended by admins/staff in the past. However, I can't find this topic(s)  and I'm in desperate need of an extension, if possible. Been feeling sick and had heavy migraines the first week of the bonus so could hardly play, now I have 100 euro left to rake in in 24h which seems impossible. Can any admin/staff help me out with this, would be very appreciated.  

TheNotor1ous By TheNotor1ous

General Poker

355 replies

Biggest MTT change for years - and a Community Promotion

As you might have heard through the grapevine already, we're about to hit the reset button on the MTT schedule! We've designed a new schedule from scratch, which we believe is more in-line with current demand and trends, and we'll be celebrating it with our biggest-ever MTT promotion with €100,000 up for grabs in leaderboard rewards! We'll of course also celebrate it with you guys on here, but before we dive into the community launch promotion, let's have a look at just how awesome the new schedule is 🙂   We've SIGNIFICANTLY increased the guarantees. Today, our biggest daily tournament has a guarantee of 4k. In the new schedule, we've got a daily 4k, a 5k, a 6k and a 10k! We'll adjust the guarantees in the coming months and I hope you'll help us make these grow even bigger. We've lowered the fees and are now offering the cheapest tournaments in the industry: today, you won't find daily tournaments with lower fee elsewhere (benchmarked against our main competitors daily schedule - see the details in the terms and conditions at the bottom). As an example, all our bounty tournaments now have just 4.5%-4.8% fee, while most competitors charge twice as much! Being a site targeted recreational players, we understand that you most likely need to get up early in the morning for your nine-to-five. We aim to have all our daily majors finish by 1am CET/CEST, so that you can still get a good nights sleep, even when you take down the biggest tournament of the night. More bounties and less addon. We have historically been one of the sites - if not the site - with the highest share of addon tournaments, and we know that some of you will not appreciate this change. However, addon is a flawed format which puts the recreational players at a further disadvantage, as it's unfortunately quite common for players not to realize the value in taking the addon. It's also a format which encourages players to max late reg, and generally speaking it just doesn't make for a nice tournament experience for the inexperienced player. Again, I know these downsides are actual positives to some of you, and we will continue to offer the format, it's just not one we'll push unknowing players into by highlighting the tournaments and making them the biggest ones we offer. There're plenty of new tournaments I feel it's worth highlighting here, but it would make it a very long post, so I'll just pick a few and encourage you to go and explore the schedule yourself, when all the tournaments are in the client closer to the 24th! You'll already find a tease for the new schedule in the client. The Title Fight. A daily €10,000 guarantee PKO with €50 buyin The Ironman. A daily €2,500 guarantee deepstack with €10 buyin The Slobberknocker. A Thursday exclusive €7,500 guarantee bounty tournament with a €100 buyin Fight Club. A cousin of the Supernova, exclusively running on Sundays. It's got a €10,000 guarantee and €100 buyin. We'd of course love to hear your thoughts on the new schedule, so don't be shy with the feedback in this thread! I would however encourage you to give the new schedule a shot first, before you give your feedback - change isn't always easy at first  🙂   Community Promotion Weekly Freeroll Every Monday at 20:00 we'll run an exclusive €1,000 community freeroll, for which you'll need a ticket to play. In order to receive the freeroll ticket, you'll need to fulfil both of the requirements below. Posted on the community (both new thread and replies count), in the previous week Played 5 or more MTT's with a buyin of at least €1, in the previous week. Only new tournaments count (meaning all Supernova, Supermoon and Unibet Live/Open qualifiers are excluded) The winner of every freeroll will receive the exclusive avatar shown below - probably the best avatar ever made 😄 In order to get the community avatar you have to play with your community alias.     Terms and conditions Customers from Sweden, Belgium and Denmark can not take part in this promotion The promotion starts the 24th October 2022 and ends 5th December 2022 Tickets will be credited weekly; every Monday before 17:00 CET. First tickets credited on the 31st of October. The weekly freeroll will have a prizepool of €1,000 (paid in tickets for the new schedule) Lowest fee details. A benchmark was done the 1st of October against Partypoker, Pokerstars, GG Poker and 888 Poker. We looked at all daily tournaments which had been running at least 30 times in the past. The fees were segmented based on tournament format (freezeout, addon, PKO etc.), tournament speed and buyin level and an average for each format, per site, was determined. We have lowered the fees on all of our tournaments to at least match the competitor with the lowest fee for every format, speed and buyin level combination. We are still running all nano tournaments completely rake free. Satellites/Qualifiers, On-Demand and flip tournaments are not price matched When segmenting by speed, we've used the following definitions: “Hyper” is defined as a tournament with a blind level increase time of 3-4 minutes “Turbo” is defined as a tournament with a blind level increase time of 5-6 minutes “Regular” is defined as a tournament with a blind level increase of 7 or more minutes We reserve the right to change the promotion at any time We reserve the right to exclude customers and/or delete their posts, if the post can be considered spam or adds no value to the thread General Unibet terms and conditions apply

Stubbe-Unibet By Stubbe-Unibet
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