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General Poker

16 replies

Best finishing position in today's UOS tournaments = €50 ticket

Post a screenshot of your best finishing position or worst bad beat in today's UOS tournaments and get a chance to win a €50 ticket. There's a €50 ticket for the best finishing position, across all 7 tournaments, and a €50 ticket to the biggest bad beat (strongest losing hand on river). You can submit your screenshots until tomorrow when the tournaments end.

Stubbe-Unibet By Stubbe-Unibet

Betting Help

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Bet cancellation after the fact in case of extreme circumstances - esports NIP vs Anonymo CSGO

The match  Esports / CS:GO / Flashpoint 14 May 2021, 17:00  of NIP vs Anonymo is looking like it may be replayed after it was found out that one side faced serious tech issues during the game. Is there anything in unibet FAQs about situations like this? Is it something unibet would consider to void the bets of that match even if it was after the fact as clearly the match was not deemed valid by the tournament organiser if the replay goes ahead. I know its unlikely to go anywhere, I just want to know if there is any information about this. It is hard to even think of an appropriate analogy to proper sport, as something this stupid would never happen.

XDisco By XDisco

Blogs & Stories

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SNG Blog

hello ladies and gentlemen.  This is my sng blog, mainly for updating my result. Will play mostly 4€sng and 5€ bounty mtt's until i've made 400€. Bigger games will be played if I manage to qualify. Will use this nickname at least for a while, watch out at the tables. :D

fest_student By fest_student

Blogs & Stories

318 replies

From Poker Donk To Winning Monk

No clue what to call this thread so there you go 😛 I'm a 35y old Belgian guy living in the North East of Scotland after moving in with the gf in 2013. Background: started playing poker in 2010 and never really been a winning player, more like a break even slight winner. I'm a guy who can play forever with a bankroll and not win nor lose anything 🤣 think I started out with some donkaments on PokerStars but then changed to cash games as that suits better with a full time job. Eventually found Unibet and loved the anonymity and the ability to play without software. Always had a full time job as a CNC Machinist so definitely never relied on poker as an income, no chance either as explained above lol. I started playing again start of this year after some years off (since 2016 maybe?) and taking it a bit more serious this time. Deposited £100 I think to start at 4nl and had to add another £50 bit later as bankroll had a skydive and I wanted to stay at 10nl at that time, again I think as can't check deposit history anymore. I ended up down in March, then doubled my bankroll in April and been going strong since then, working my way up to 50nl atm. 25nl was where the real struggle started to become better as regs become a bit tougher. Been playing 50nl since end of last month so feel really comfy playing at this level now and bankroll sits at $1780, had a good day yesterday with $250 up after playing 5-6h maybe. And that's probably the biggest 'problem' , getting enough volume in. Not always easy when you have a fulltime job and a dog, cooking, watching tele, gf etc. Even during this Covid19 crisis I've not been off work at all beside a week of holiday where I managed to make about €100 a day at 25nl. My goal: well I don't really have a goal, just becoming a winning/stronger player and if I can beat 100nl easily (this year?) I would find that a pretty decent achievement. I used to play 100nl on PokerStars (don't ask me how I got there) so doing that again maybe this year but better and proper bankroll management then this would be great. To end I'll give you some stats from my cashgames from this year up to end of May, hope the calculations are right 😀 and just ignore 50nl as small sample size. I'll get some proper number after this month as only played 50nl. NL04 hands played: 10167 won: €113.45 => 27.9 bb/100
NL10 hands played: 10002 won: €86.75 => 8.67 bb/100
NL25 hands played: 45130 won: €858.27 => 7.6 bb/100
NL50 hands played: 1305 won: €101.34 => 15.5 bb/100 For the rest, won't be daily updates as don't play that much but I'll try to do at least one a week. Also be looking for some kind of (free) hand replayer as Unibet obviously doesn't make it able to share hands that easy and that way I could maybe share a few hands here. End of the month is also the end of the quarter before the challenge points reset and I'll try to get to 250k, I just passed 175k now giving me some extra bonus points which I'll use to buy €5 hexapro tickets and hope to add some €€ to my bankroll. I sometimes do play a tournament here and there too, mostly bounty ones but my MTT strategy knowledge is very limited so if I ever win one it's by lots of luck lol. And actually all these buy-ins do bite a bit in my bankroll too over time so I try to limit it. I do like to play the €5000 Ice Giant Bounty every Sunday for lolz and I'm already happy to get my buy-in back haha.
Thanks for reading the long intro and good luck at the tables (except against me :Cheeky:)

P0kerM0nk By P0kerM0nk

General Poker

3,308 replies

The poker chit chat

This topic is for all your everyday small poker conversations :) Post here if you're playing a Unibet tournament or cash game and want to know if other community members are playing the same, or if you'd just like to know what other players are up to on any given day :) As requested by you - the community - in this suggestion thread, the topic will always appear at the top of the poker page. We hope you'll find it useful and that you'll enjoy hanging out :)

JeppeL By JeppeL

Betting and Sports

1,884 replies

Stubbe's Bundesliga Corner

It all started back in the 2000/2001 season, when the Danish forward Ebbe Sand had a fantastic season at Schalke 04. My interest was aroused; I read a lot about Schalke and the Bundesliga, and I started watching a lot of games as well. It didn't take long, before I was hooked - I had become a Bundesliga junkie. In the years to come, I'd spend countless hours in front of the tv and computer, watching and analyzing games, reading Bundesliga news etc. The number of Schalke matches I've missed in the last 2 years, can be counted on one hand, and I've obviously been to Gelsenkirchen a few times as well. About 5-6 years ago I started betting on the Bundesliga. I got off to a less than optimal start, but I learned a lot and my game slowly improved. A few years later I had my own Bundesliga betting blog with a ROI of +10, and I was also a Bundesliga expert at the largest Danish betting community for a short while. When I started working for Unibet, I didn't feel like I had the time to bet seriously anymore, and for almost a year, I didn't place a single bet. Today I'm only betting for the entertainment, but I like to believe, that I've still got the ability to spot a bet with value. I'm going to challenge myself, and will post a few Bundesliga bets every week, with the goal of creating a small profit. I'll keep score of the bets in this post. As there's quite a long time till the next Bundesliga game, I'll temporarily be using this thread to share my view on transfers, season bets and anything Bundesliga, that I find interesting. EDIT: now that we've got the new emoticons implemented, I'll start using a money bag scale to indicate the value. This info will be added to the heading of each bet. :cash: = 100-103.9 BV
:cash::cash: = 104-106.9 BV
:cash::cash::cash: = 107-109.9 BV
:cash::cash::cash::cash:= 110-112.9
:cash::cash::cash::cash::cash: = >112.9
An Excel sheet with all bets can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/03gzxjg595t8ybd/Bundesliga_Corner_Stubbe.xlsx?dl=0

BonusPater By BonusPater
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