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Casino & Live Casino

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Fatal error on slots not payed out


Budgie12345 By Budgie12345

Community Promotions

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LAST MAN STANDING - €199 to be won (poker tickets, freebets)!

Hi community members, Before the next poker league kicks-off (very soon - stay tuned!) - we will go for an exciting "Last man standing" betting promotion on which you can win poker tickets and freebets. This promotion idea came from @Steel_Hungary and I think it is a good one for the community - so I just give it a "go": Again a reminder, if you have some great (or crazy) ideas for promotions, just let me know and I will look into it, if it is something we could do in future. Coming back to the promotion now, which is called:  LAST MAN STANDING Area: Bundesliga How it works: Each round you pick a team (from German Bundesliga) which you think is going to win its game. You can select the same team up to three times throughout the contest. If your pick wins you will qualify to the next round, if not you are eliminated.  To enter this promotion, you need to pick a team before kick-off-time of the 3rd Matchday of the Bundesliga. In the result of a tie for a place on the leaderboard, an average amount of the combined prizes will be paid out. All prizes will be paid out after a winner is determined. SE, BE, DK, DE customers excluded from the promotion. Prizepool: 1st: €50 MTT ticket + €10 Freebet 2nd-3rd: €25 MTT ticket + €5 Freebet 4th - 10th: €5 HexaPro ticket + €2 Freebet 11th - 20th: €2 HexaPro ticket 21st - 30th: €1 HexaPro ticket   First Matchday on which a team must be picked:    

Seb-Unibet By Seb-Unibet

Betting and Sports

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I haven't received my welcome bonus.

Hi I was wondering why I haven't received my welcome bonus for when I've signed up. My first bet has settled and I haven't received my bets. Any help would be appreciated. 

deadpoolconnor By deadpoolconnor

Betting and Sports

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Best in x-mas? 4 rounds of pl within little over a week :) Kick off will be Arsenal - Liverpool on friday. Pretty hard to predict, either winner or goals. Over 2,5 odds so low that i´ll pass that, rather would go under as both have been good in defence lately. But then again it could turn out to be goal fest too like it often has been with these two. Hard, so hard :D Anyways, lots of matches to come and i bet we see lots of surprises too just for amount of games in that short period. Lets see if i can turn them surprises to money :)

Livertool By Livertool

General Poker

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Android & iPhone bug hunting (poker only)

Hey guys! So, as evident from the early access testing of new table UI as well as some recent comments on here, we've got some issues with the mobile apps. I did a similar thread to this in the past but didn't get much feedback, so we only managed to fix a couple of issues.
We really depend on getting the reports from you guys, to identity the root cause and fix these - I personally never experience any of these issues, and some of them are tricky to reproduce with limited info. This is your chance to help us, to help you; by making the mobile experience better. Please report ANY poker mobile related issue in this thread. As always, information like the below is extremely valuable:
1. Screenshot of issue
2. Information about what happened/any speculations on why it might have happened
3. Device information (which Android/iOS version and which phone model) Once or twice a week I'll reward all contributors in the thread with a little something, as long as your local regulations allow it 🙂

Stubbe-Unibet By Stubbe-Unibet

General Poker

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The poker chit chat

This topic is for all your everyday small poker conversations :) Post here if you're playing a Unibet tournament or cash game and want to know if other community members are playing the same, or if you'd just like to know what other players are up to on any given day :) As requested by you - the community - in this suggestion thread, the topic will always appear at the top of the poker page. We hope you'll find it useful and that you'll enjoy hanging out :)

JeppeL By JeppeL
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